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Auditioning is not acting...necessarily. Preparing to share your talent in an audition setting utilizes a specific set of tools that every actor must know how to access and put into practice for both theatre and film/TV auditions.


The dozens of auditions I have held for my productions over the last 30 years gives me a unique perspective on how actors should prepare, not only their specific talents but how to hone their personality when in the audition room. This has assisted me as an actor more than the hundreds of auditions I participated in when I was making the rounds. 


Whether you're preparing for a particular audition or want to keep your repertoire and skills fresh in ongoing sessions, I cater our time together to get you where you need to be...getting the job.

  • Find Appropriate Material to Represent You

  • Learn Audition Etiquette

  • Headshot Consultation

  • Resume Consultation

  • Implementing Audition Techniques

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