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To build a successful career as an actor, you need an understanding of the entertainment business, preparation and careful planning. With my 40 years of experience as an actor, writer and producer, I can help. I have a particular knack with young actors, building their confidence so that they can show auditors and producers that they are capable of working with established industry professionals.

In addition to preparing for auditions, there is more to strategize. Figuring out your place in the business can be confusing and daunting. With one-on-one sessions, I can assist in which routes to take, including professional classes and navigating the college and university process.  I can also offer assistance with branding and self-producing work that can assist you in gaining exposure and experience.

  • Learning the Business

  • Building Your Network

  • Clarifying Your "Type"

  • Creating Your Online Presence

  • Website Creation

  • Self-Producing

  • Maintaining Your Business

  • Marketing Yourself

  • Setting Career Goals and Timelines


"Working with Jason has been pivotal in improving my own monologue and scenic work as an actor.  He has a keen and thoughtful eye for finding and suggesting material for specific actors and situations and tailoring monologues effectively.  He was a crucial, supportive, and imaginative presence in my own experience, helping me create compelling and honest pieces from the ground up."

Will Conard

"Jason was a great help with getting on the right path as an actor.  His skill and expertise helped set the groundwork for me to develop the talents that I needed to get my career started."

Keith Fine

“Studying with Jason helped me make the transition from knowing nothing about the professional side of acting to creating a sound basis for getting my career started.  Jason offers a warm and welcoming environment, catering to each student’s specific wants and needs.  His tips and guidance have allowed me to stick out in the crowd, while maintaining my integrity and professionalism.”

John Muraco

"Jason is supportive, kind and has great energy.  He gets you focused and excited about the work and is good at capturing the moment.   He also talks to you like an adult. Jason is awesome to work with!"

Arden Wolfe, 12

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