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I truly love my work as a teaching artist. Using the experiences of a my lifelong association in the arts allows me to help young filmmakers and actors achieve their goals.

My 25 years casting my projects offers me a "behind the table" vantage point in which to share valuable tips to actors who want to optimize their time in the audition room and increase their odds for booking the gig.

I share what I know as a writer and producer of films and series to empower those looking to make their mark in the entertainment business.

I have worked with students at Fieldston Ethical Culture, Lehmann College, The University of the Arts and
the Klein Theatre Arts Program.

Perfect for middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities, performing arts schools
and theatre organizations.

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- Rates and Flexible Curriculum Upon Request -

- In-Person or Virtual -

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Aspiring actors and filmmakers can all benefit from creating their own content. But where to begin? With my award-winning series "He's With Me" 
 "Cady Did", I have learned
inestimable things about
creating and actually producingcan original series.

MAKE YOUR SHOW will show how to take your project

from page to screen.

  • Finding the Right Idea 

  • Defining Your Resources

  • Script Writing

  • Character Arcs

  • Series Season Planning

  • Location Scouting

  • Online Campaign Strategy

  • Casting

  • Hiring Crew

  • Post-Production

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Whether on stage or on camera, acting is always a balance between interpreting a script and knowing how to access your emotions. Of utmost importance is creating believable characters that are accessible and watchable.

Using theatre and improv games, my goal is always to free the actor and encourage them to trust their instincts and understand how to commit to the work. I also explain the difference between stage and on camera acting.


Carefully chosen pieces that are close to age and experience is key when working with young people. I also encourage actors to try writing their own material.


Identifying intentions, staying active and listening to their partners is the core of my scene work with actors.

ACTING can be tailored to any organization's needs,

including multiple sessions.  



My approach to auditions is informed by my 40 years of experience as an actor and producer. Providing aspiring actors with practical techniques for presenting themselves, I stress the difference between acting and marketing.


Actors' Toolbox: Headshots, Resumes, Wardrobe,
Online Profiles


Monologue Critique, Monologue as Marketing,
In-Depth Monologue Workshop, 

Cold Monologue Session


Contemporary, Classical, Comedic, Dramatic,
Tricks and Tips, Partner Reads​

AUDITION can be tailored to any organization's needs,

including multiple sessions.  


"Jason brings a warmth and enthusiasm to his work that brings out the best in others. Coupled with years of experience and vast talent, his work with students is a gift to the classroom. His humor and huge heart always allow students to work with courage and his know-how expands their growth. "

Clare Mottola

 Theatre and Dance Chair

 Fieldston Middle and Upper School


"Jason is able to convey a combination of instrumental and professional information to the students with whom he works, offering them a unique series of perspectives in their preparation for the courses they will pursue in their lives. He is an outstanding teaching artist."

Louis F. Goldberg

Professor, Westminster College of the Arts at Rider University

"Jason's presentation was an important addition to our curriculum. He gave his very attentive audience a primer in what every aspiring performer needs to know before he or she decides to pursue a career in the performing arts. He responded promptly to all communications, provided me with an outline of the workshop he planned and made the revision and modifications we requested. He related very well to the students and was informative and friendly while maintaining an appropriate pace for the presentation."

Marsha Wheeler

Summerfame Adminstator

"Jason is informed, cogent and inspirational. He is extremely well prepared, organized, thorough and professional."

Benjamin Hodges

Artistic Director, Ground Floor Theatre; Former Editor, Theatre World

"Jason is an intelligent, personable and talented man with a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience."

James Clark

Former Producing Director, Syracuse Stage

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