In my work as a teaching artist, I've been sharing professional savvy to actors and filmmakers for years.  I offer workshops in entertainment business training and auditioning to young actors, as well as my MAKE YOUR SHOW workshop, showing producers how to create their own series.


Rates and Flexible Curriculum Upon Request

the biz

May young people have dreams of being in the entertainment business.  However, most have no idea what that means.  

THE BIZ offers an intro to the world of the performing arts including:

  • Training 

  • Unions

  • Actor Lifestyle

  • Making Your Own Work

  • Networking

  • Marketing

Knowledge is power.  Especially in the entertainment business.



My approach to theatre auditions is informed by my 25 years of experience as an actor and producer. Providing aspiring actors with practical techniques for presenting themselves, I stress the difference between acting and marketing.


Headshots, Resumes, Preparation, Dress Code,
Behavior, Actors’ Toolbox


Monologue Critique, Monologue as Marketing, In-Depth Monologue Workshop, 

Cold Monologue Session


Contemporary Comedic, Contemporary Dramatic, Actor Preparation, Partner Reads

AUDITION can be tailored to any organization's needs, including multiple sessions.  



With my award-winning series
"He's With Me" and

recent show "Cady Did",
I have learned inestimable things about creating and actually producing an original series.
MAKE YOUR SHOW will show how to take your project from page to screen.

  • Finding the Right Idea 

  • Defining Your Resources

  • Character Arcs

  • Full Season Planning

  • Location Scouting

  • Online Campaign Strategy

  • Casting

  • Hiring Crew
  • Post-Production