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I've been writing scripts for over twenty years.  My particular strength is writing character-based stories, tapping into what characters want and how they change, all while maintaining the perspective of the audience. I'm especially skilled at short film scripts and episodic storytelling.​

  • TV/Web Pilots

  • Full Series Screenplays

  • Short or Full-Length Film Screenplays

  • Commercial Scripts

  • Personal/Professional Web Site Content  

  • Script Doctoring

  • Copywriting


"I really struggled getting started on my first film. I had all these great ideas in my head, I just didn't know how to put them on paper. Jason was a huge help. he is very detailed in his storytelling but makes it seem so simple. Thanks to his screenwriting talent, I was able to tell my story and successfully complete my first film."

Soobin Oh

Director, "Time Peace"

"Achieving someone else's vision in writing is no easy task. Coming from a design background, and with visuals already set in mind, I brought Jason a challenge. He not only kept the integrity of the original idea but also inspired me with many of his experiences. If you are looking for a writer who is capable of living inside your creative vision, Jason Cicci is the choice."

Jun Ren

Director, "Black Sky"

"Jason is the person you've been looking for to help you realize your vision. He not only has the skills to help you create textured characters, an effective structure and an entertaining story, but also the experience to know what you need to do to produce it once it's written. Get in touch with Jason!"

John Cramer


"Jason is a great writer. I hired him to write a pilot for a web series and he created such rich characters with room for them to grow. He' so good at tapping in to the humor of the scene but also adding humanity and warmth."

Vincent Ford


"I hired Jason to write a web pilot. He did a great job and completed the work in a timely fashion. I hight recommend him. You won't regret it."

Lester Greene



When projects become stalled, another set of eyes or resources can get it back on track. I've had great success with offering a new perspective to scripts that make them more producible.









  • Script Re-Writes

  • Producing Table Reads & Backers Auditions

  • Production Paperwork

  • Liaising with Unions

  • Web Development

  • Basic Graphic Design

  • Social Media Management


"I worked with jason doing a reading of a script he wrote. he is professional and dedicated, and i enjoyed myself."

Mary Testa

Tony Award Nominee

I have witnessed many projects on which Jason has served as producer and have found production values in all instances to be superlative and the opportunity to experience his work both of high artistic merit and uniquely satisfying."

Ben Hodges

Founder, Ground Floor Theatre

"Jason's creative talent, organization and networking skills, determination, adaptiveness and winning personality were valuable in many areas.


Brief descriptions of some of his many accomplishments might provide you with an appropriate perspective from which to evaluate him:


  • Jason made a number of successful presentations to individual and corporate benefactors.

  • Conducted research on past and current enterprises similar to what we were developing.

  • Assisted in recruiting knowledgeable and respected volunteers to serve on our board of directors.

  • Co-authored the strategic, business and marketing plans.

  • Designed our logo and marketing literature.

  • Enabled us to use a prime regional theatre due to his contacts.

  • Negotiated our Equity and non-Equity contracts.

  • Utilized his extensive contacts to present outstanding talent.

  • Developed education curriculum for students considering business and performing careers in the arts."

Janet Berl Burman

President, The New Fayetteville Playhouse

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