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I have been so inspired by my work with the students at Ethical Culture Fieldston School in The Bronx. 

Over the last two decades, I have offered my workshops in Audition, On-Camera Acting and Make Your Show

With my Audition workshop, I have shared tips and experiences from my 25 years as an actor and producer. From the dozens of casting sessions I've run,  I've learned how it's what you do beyond your talent that can sometimes win you a role. Young actors find stories of bad auditions particularly useful as a guide to what not to do when they're in an audition room.

With my Make Your Show workshop, I've enjoyed encouraging students to think of ideas for films and series. The highlight is when they actually share the first pages of their scripts.

"Jason brings a warmth and enthusiasm to his work that brings out the best in others. Coupled with years of experience and vast talent, his work with students is a gift to the classroom. His humor and huge heart always allow students to work with courage and his know-how expands their growth."

 Clare Mottola

 Theatre and Dance Chair

 Fieldston Middle and Upper School

"Jason has been coming to work with my students for nearly 10 years.  The students love him and are fully engaged while working with him.  His Audition Workshop is very informative and helpful for high school students and has proven to be invaluable to those who are lucky enough to experience it!! Jason's monologue workshop is equally as educational and helpful for actors at any age and level!!"

Stephanie Stone

Drama Teacher


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