"Jason is a reliable, self-motivated individual, with creative solutions to a full range of problems and situations.   His skills will serve him well as the strong basis for a senior administrator with just about any organization.  Further, Jason is a wonderful human being, kind, honest, focused and interesting.  I recommend him without reservation."

Tom Parker

Owner, Parker Artists

"Jason is truly a gem. From our first meeting I could tell he was going to be an integral part of getting my life in order.  He helped organize my office and work calendar so that I never again would misplace important information. I quickly threw Jason into the deep end and in very short order trusted him to be my second in command when I was off-site.  He continues to hold me accountable, listen to my big dreams and is a fabulous assistant and friend."

Ronit Feldman

Owner, A&R Events

"Jason is an exceptional, creative and professional resource.  Whether working remotely, in your home or running errands, he is detail-oriented, follows up, finishes tasks in a timely manner and is extremely organized.  He became an invaluable member of my project teams in various capacities - script writing, executive assistant work, and managing personal & administrative tasks.  I would highly recommend Jason for anyone looking for a reliable, punctual, hard-working and creative assistant.  Also, he’s a great guy & a pleasure to work with!"

Beth Di Santo

Owner, Cinemaker Studios

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